Guest Access

Welcome to Ormond Beach, Ocean Watch #417. We are so excited to host you!

Address: 2700 Ocean Shore Blvd, Ormond Beach, FL 32176, USA

Unit: Oceanwatch Condo, #417, 4th-Floor, North Building

Check-In: 11am


You are visiting: 2700 Ocean Shore Blvd, Ormond Beach, FL 32176. You will see a sign out front that says ocean watch condominiums. The property has a north and south entrance from A1A as well as a North and South building on the property. You are staying in the north building. Note: you cannot access the north building from the south building.


When you arrive, you will need to park in the assigned parking spot. Unfortunately, the painted-on number is hard to see. If you are facing the ocean, the parking spot is the second from the left. See the picture for details. You will need to stop at the office to register your vehicle and get a red tag to place in your car.

Parking Details for Ocean Watch Oasis


Once you have arrived, you will need to use a code to access the elevator. This code is 0207. Once inside, you will find carts to assist you with getting your luggage and other items outside. From there, take the elevator to the fourth floor. Follow the hall down the left to reach condo #417.

Condo Access

Once you reach condo #417, you will use the keypad to enter. Gently touch the keypad to wake it up. It will display two numbers lit up; touch them. Then all the numbers will light up, and you can enter the code 041300 for access. Please be sure to use this keypad to keep the door locked at all times, especially when you are not there.

A picture of the Ocean Watch Oasis Condo available for monthly rentals in Ormond Beach, Florida.


Password: Sasha1930


When you walk into the condo, you will notice a rack on the left-hand side of the hall. This contains a set of keys on a bright yellow key chain. These keys will grant you access to the amenities downstairs, including the office, bathrooms, sauna, library, and more. Please do not lose these keys; please place them on the key rack before leaving.


There is both a trash and recycling dumpster in the parking lot. You can bring your trash there whenever you need to.